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Force to foster talents, implement common growth plan.
Wei dong machinery has been formed complete level 3 training management system;Establish the pre-service training, on-the-job training, off-the-job training and self development in an all-round, multi-level training development system;To participate in domestic and international training learning combination of talent development approach;To form a shield machinery group internal training branch, make full use of internal resources, excavate potential talents;Formation of wei dong mechanical electrical vocational skills training school, for growth, success and success of provides the omni-directional service.Also use of the teachers in colleges and universities, cultivate enterprise talents, such as joint EMBA with Beijing university MBA education classes, and Shanghai jiaotong university jointly organized the MBA workshop, and Shanghai forte wisdom enterprise management consulting co., LTD. Jointly make senior professional managers team, with xi ’an jiaotong university jointly organized electrical training classes, etc., provides a platform for the cultivation of the talent, make the staff grow up together with the enterprise.
Creating an environment of retention, to maintain core competitiveness.
"Implemented by wei dong machinery to, cause, treatment and cultural advancement opportunities" retention strategy.Such as led condolences, to set up the worker’s home on a regular basis, construction experts building, do a good job in the staff canteen, organization cinema and photography, calligraphy style game over the weekend, increase staff to enterprise’s identity, to do with recognition;Help staff to design the career development planning and implementation, make the talented person has a sense of accomplishment and pride, producing a "xing I glory of the enterprise, enterprise failure I shame" sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, do to career advancement opportunities;Unceasingly to reform the system of compensation for paid vacation, full coverage, remove the "basic" of talent, leave a person do to treatment;Continue to strengthen enterprise culture construction, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, to do with cultural advancement opportunities.

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